Temperature sensor Fibaro Universal Sensor controls the relay

How this work:

When the temperature sensor reports that the temperature drops below 27°C, the heater turns on. Once the temperature goes above 27°C, the heater switches off.


  • Temperature sensor: Fibaro Universal Sensor
  • Relay: Plug Switch Everspring (turns on the heater)

Algorithm configuration:

The temperature sensor must be constantly connected to power supply.
  1. Set up the sensor, so he sent a report about temperature change every minutes (Parameter 11)
  2. Turn on or off the relay (Scene)
  3. Every time when the report of the temperature comes, check its value (Rule) and acivate the Scene


1) Set up the sensor, so it sents the report about the change of temperature every minutes (by default, it sends a report every 200 seconds). Follow the steps below:
  • Go to the Expert Mode by pressing button expert mode on the bottom panel
  • Go to the menu For experts → Expert commands
  • Choose Fibaro Universal Sensor from the left column and are looking for a Configuration in the right column
  • Setup Parameter = 11, Value = 60. Press Set

 These steps can be done in Configuration tab if there is a desription file of FGBS-001 in Z-Cloud.

2) Create two scenes: Turn On Heater and Turn Off Heater:


  • Go to the menu Automation → Scenes and create two scenes
  • Press Save

3) Create two rules, which will check the temperature:
First rule - If the report is come, And the temperature is less than 27C, then turn on the heater
  • Right-mouse click in the field Condition and select the Append after → Check event
  • In a new field right-mouse click, to call menu, select the Check event → Check source device, from the menu Source device select Fibaro Universal Sensor
  • Again call this menu, select Check event → Event, from the menu Event, select Report

  • Again right-mouse click in the field Condition and select the Append after → Evaluate python script
  • Insert string ZWaveAPI.devices[7].instances[3].commandClasses[49].data.val.value < 27, where devices[7] is the ID of your sensor, 27 at the end - temperature.
  • In field Action call menu, select Append after → Activate scene, from menu Activate scene select Turn On Heater
  • Make the rule active, by setting a checkbox. Press Save

Second rule - If the report is come, And the temperature is more than 27C, then turn off the heater. Do similarly to the first with a some changes:
  • In the script at the end set >= 27
  • From menu Activate Scene select Turn Off Heater

Press Save and enjoy your smart home!